Karma of motherhood,my journey…

Join me as I share lessons learned through becoming a mother (four times). How yogic wisdom has inspired me to try to be a better person and a better mother. My mistakes.The shakti in being a woman and devoted mother ! Balancing family and self...

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Stellar Bhakti Experience

  Saturday September 17th 4:00 pm Las Salinas ~ Anfeh I am honored to be a part of this Bhakti Experience. Bhakti Yoga Beirut is bringing BB Govinda Swami and Band all the way from the U.S.A to offer this free Kirtan experience which will bring joy...

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Beirut Yoga Festival

5:00-5:40pm- Meditation area Join Us -Finish your day with me. Integrate all your efforts of the day while soothed by the "Sound of Spirit" I'm excited to offer this unique class starting with deep focused flowing movements from tantric traditions to open your energy channels and...

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Sankalpa ~ Seeds of dharma (Free Relaxation Audio click here) Sankalpa is an idea formed in the heart. Within our heart lies our true dharma. Or the reason we are here. Yoga is about union.If your life is aligned with purpose, there will be more ease in...

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Coming Soon this October 2016

"If light is in your heart,you will find your way home"~Rumi Deepen your dharma program begins this October 2016. Six months to immerse yourself, clarify your path,vitalise your practice.Be the change both on and off the mat. Register here For dedicated practitioners who have successfully completed a registered...

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Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

"Everyone is a candle but not everyone is lit" ~Yogi Bhajan This opening course is for anyone seeking to understand life from a spiritual point of view. Based on the Raja yoga system and Vedanta philosophy we will explore the workings of body and mind.You will...

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Avidya in a gentle light

Avidya in a Gentle Light Sometimes life goes as we have dreamed, hoped or planned. Things are easy. Other times, nothing seems to go as planned and things are very difficult, preventing us from feeling happy. Moreover, some people wake up, at a certain age, realizing...

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International Yoga Day Celebration!

  ¬†International Yoga Day 2016 108 Sacred sun Salutations 2016 Join us for a most beautiful event. The Sun Salutations will be led by the wonderful graduates of Shiva Shakti & One Yoga Academy. You don't have to do them all! You are free to start and stop at...

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Yoga & Motherhood

Yoga is all about transformation and unity.Finding the love, in everything. With ourselves, with our relationships , with our lives, even the parts we didn't sign up for!How its up to us to figure it out.On and off the mat. "Love is the bridge between you...

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