Uncover your true calling

Dharma Discovery

Allow the structure of these courses to bloom into your full potential, like a lotus flower.

“Everyone is a candle but not everyone is lit”~Yogi Bhajan


A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in living Yoga. Ancient philosophies of Yoga and Vedanta are taught in modern ways over enough time to allow you to find and follow your path in freedom while the true nature of the Self reveals itself to you.

  A journey of personal transformation

3016649-poster-p-the-beginners-guide-to-the-power-of-meditation-and-how-it-affects-our-brainsYou will be under the guidance of Samantha, with her expertise on different aspects of yoga, its highly evolved techniques, and aims to overcome bondage from the human condition and rediscover peace, harmony, and the joy of living.
The Academy respects the core tradition of the Guru-shishya paramparya.
This course is about transcendence, spiritual path, awareness, and expanding consciousness. It is about personal growth and transformation through the energy of the Guru and the ancient teachings of yoga philosophy.
This training program will encourage the formation of inspiring teachers who are able to draw on their own personal practice, intuition, and discipline in order to impart the yoga experience to others in a meaningful way. It is also an enlightening and profound experience for those wishing to deepen their knowledge of the self and our place in the universe.
This course involves a careful examination and practical analysis of understanding yoga as it has passed through time and how it has evolved into the present, through direct experience and study. Led by the intuitive guidance of the Guru, each student will be encouraged to find and develop their own practice, both spiritual and physical. Each student will be provided with choices and opportunities in a creative setting, which will help them see more clearly their path toward spiritual enlightenment.
Organization and Modules
With the desire to preserve the traditional, sacred, intuitive relationship between Guru and shishya, this is a lecture/practice-based course divided into eight modules of three classes each.

The courses are designed to follow the eight limbed structure offered to us by Patanjali. The limbs are explored in such a way as the unfolding of inner awareness and vision can be compared to a lotus flower in bloom. Followed in this way has been essential in the Art of Dharma Discovery.

Each of our modules can be taken consecutively, or you may prefer to take each module separately at your own pace.

In Phase One, the student is introduced to various topics and ideas, and they are encouraged to bring this ancient philosophy and science into the light of their present life. Oral feedback is the base of this first phase.

It is a time of acquisition of knowledge coupled with oral feedback and guidance from the teacher.

Phase Two is a time of putting the acquired knowledge into practice. It is a time where the work, understanding, and dedication of the student will be tested. This phase will include practical teaching experience. This phase will build upon the physical foundation to move deeper into the fusion of body-mind-spirit. Essay questions and practical experiments are met with formal written feedback. The practical teaching experience is fully examined by the teacher, taking the whole course into consideration.
Course objectives
1. Shed light where there is darkness.
2. Promote awareness, love, and compassion. Expand the sense of self and lift our own veil to see through the luminosity of who we truly are.
3. Instill a basic understanding of yoga philosophy.
4. Bring the ancient knowledge of yoga into the light of the present day through experience.
5. Encourage each student to formulate their own yogic practice and spiritual lifestyle.
6. Provide each student with knowledge and tools found within yogic science and technology to support their life journey.


This is a journey of personal transformation. One Yoga Academy was founded by Dr. Jeremy Howick (Oxford) and his sister Samantha. Their years of experience have given rise to a unique program. The course flows over five months, where knowledge and experience can be assimilated and absorbed. Groups are kept intimate in order to respond to individual needs and to preserve the essence of the journey.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive an internationally recognized 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from One Yoga Academy and be registered with the Canadian Yoga Alliance.

This course is a prerequisite for 250-hour, 300-hour, and 500-hour TTC courses.
Ultimately, this training course is a personal and shared journey.