Stellar Bhakti Experience

Stellar Bhakti Experience


Saturday September 17th 4:00 pm Las Salinas ~ Anfeh

I am honored to be a part of this Bhakti Experience. Bhakti Yoga Beirut is bringing BB Govinda Swami and Band all the way from the U.S.A to offer this free Kirtan experience which will bring joy and positive energy to North Lebanon!

I will channel heart opening ,mind liberating techniques in order to allow you to receive the flow of Bhakti through Kirtan with the most freedom possible. Those of you who have never done any yoga before as well as seasoned practitioners should not miss this opportunity. Everyone is welcome.(children welcome)

We are going to be facing the Mediterranean sea at sunset in the beautiful and generous arms of Las Salinas~Anfeh.

Pictures from the event

B.B.Govinda Swami thank you…Vrindavan for the flower malas with so much love.