200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

  Love to learn more but can't take time away? Incredibly transformational experience and is open to everyone with the desire and the dedication to learn Do you want to get internationally certified or simply deepen your knowledge? Click here to go to the main page with all the...

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Yoga Vibes

Edde Sands, our sanctuary amidst an often complicated and tumultuous existence. The ever present Mothership for our certification courses, yoga classes & retreats. Holding so many memories of laughter, tears and friendships. Elie Fahed, the talented filmmaker thank you for the excerpt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Rm7KeMD6Jw&t=100s   ...

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Kriya & Gong Bath to Infinity

Totally excited to be united with this out of this world gong. I will never forget the first time I played her. I now come full circle back to the beautiful Yoga souk..with bowls and gongs we will set off into another space, only to...

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Inside Asana

Yoga’s beauty is simple. Everything is an expression of divinity. Everything is one. All paths lead us to the same source. That place of stillness where nothing changes. Peace. To confuse advanced yoga with advanced physical postures is common but problematic. The body is what...

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Resonance of the Soul

In order to understand the idea sound and its effect on us, we must first explore the Yogic understanding of the universe, the human being and the relationship between the two. Central to yoga philosophy is the existence of an inner pulse as the basic building...

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Finding it difficult to meditate?

Meditation, the promise of inner peace and lasting bliss…So true but how many of us have actually experienced it? 

       We know how to look after our physical bodies. But most of us don’t really understand the mind or have control over our thoughts. We have experienced the mind body connection first hand so we know it’s there, but to most of us the mind remains shrouded in mystery.

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