This March Lamu Island Yoga Festival

    Join us on the beautiful Island of Lamu in Kenyas tropical paradise. An inspiring and devoted team with days of adventure and transformative heart centered experiences. for info visit

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Inside Asana

Yoga’s beauty is simple. Everything is an expression of divinity. Everything is one. All paths lead us to the same source. That place of stillness where nothing changes. Peace. To confuse advanced yoga with advanced physical postures is common but problematic. The body is what...

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Resonance of the Soul

In order to understand the idea sound and its effect on us, we must first explore the Yogic understanding of the universe, the human being and the relationship between the two. Central to yoga philosophy is the existence of an inner pulse as the basic building...

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Finding it difficult to meditate?

Meditation, the promise of inner peace and lasting bliss…So true but how many of us have actually experienced it? 

We know how to look after our physical bodies. But most of us don’t really understand the mind or have control over our thoughts. We have experienced the mind body connection first hand so we know its there, but to most of us the mind remains shrouded in mystery.

Karma of motherhood,my journey…

Join me as I share lessons learned through becoming a mother (four times). How yogic wisdom has inspired me to try to be a better person and a better mother. My mistakes. How to embrace the shakti of being a woman and devoted mother !...

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Sankalpa ~ Seeds of dharma (Free Relaxation Audio click here) Sankalpa is an idea formed in the heart. Within our heart lies our true dharma. Or the reason we are here. Yoga is about union.If your life is aligned with purpose, there will be more ease in...

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Avidya in a gentle light

Avidya in a Gentle Light Sometimes life goes as we have dreamed, hoped or planned. Things are easy. Other times, nothing seems to go as planned and things are very difficult, preventing us from feeling happy. Moreover, some people wake up, at a certain age, realizing...

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Yoga & Motherhood

Yoga is all about transformation and unity.Finding the love, in everything. With ourselves, with our relationships , with our lives, even the parts we didn't sign up for!How its up to us to figure it out.On and off the mat. "Love is the bridge between you...

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Mother Nature

Power of Mother Nature As women we pass through several phases during our lives. Women can be nurturing and are very closely tied to the rhythms of Mother Nature.We are all children of the universe and are all presented with many opportunities to be mothering. If not...

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