Yoga Retreat in Paradise

Yoga Retreat in Paradise

This time, we’ve carefully selected the exclusive private beach front Tequila Sunrise, on the most beautiful pristine Galu Beach Diani.

One of the finest beach properties in Kenya, Tequila Sunrise boasts 4 acres of natural forested habitat, acting as a haven for Colobus, Sykes & Vervet Monkeys.
The house is surrounded by giant Baobab trees, and directly overlooks one of the finest beaches in the world.

The property consists of a beachfront villa & three apartments to the side. Each apartment has its own special charm.


During your stay, you will be able to enjoy healthy vegetarian food with a delicious selection of colorful fruits and vegetables catering to a sattvic diet bursting with energy and flavor.

Our yoga classes will happen in the morning and the evening, often followed by optional meditation practices and yoga nidra to bring you even closer to that sweet spot within you. Allowing you to disconnect from your daily life and immerse yourself in the presence of the moment.

Our days will be filled with spontaneous optional adventures, like dolphin watching, swimming, floating, exploring…our evenings more intimate with rituals of fire, vision boards and collective circles.

dream of being by the sea…



Through the combined guidance of Madhvi and Samantha, you will experience the importance of nature’s lively existence within your life and how that translates in a nurturing and inspiring way both on and off the mat. You will get a chance to explore the many gifts that daily heart opening asana sequences, pranayama techniques, philosophy, chakra balancing, meditation, yoga nidra, visualization, aromatherapy, crystal healing and earth based rituals ….Combined in a unique and meaningful way throughout the course of the weekend to support and illuminate your comfort, wellbeing and happiness.Our yoga classes will be intense and nourishing. Mostly offered in Tandem to give you a selection to chose from each day. Ranging from retro style traditions where classical postures are explored more deeply enhancing your solid foundations, long holds and deep yin, to fluid vinyasa and more advanced inversions and balancing postures interwoven to suit all personalities. Giving you the opportunity to spice up your practice and diversify your stay, sexting you free from old patterned and habits which no longer serve your bliss.