john1“Everyone is a candle but not everyone is lit” ~Yogi Bhajan

This opening course is for anyone seeking to understand life from a spiritual point of view. Based on the Raja yoga system and Vedanta philosophy we will explore the workings of body and mind.You will have time to immerse yourself in age old wisdom and teaching & be guided towards living in alignment with youself.This couse will give aspiring teachers a solid base from which to explore , develop and flourish. For more info see here. Course begins Fall 2016.

All courses are offered over a six month period. Time to absorb and assimilate.







“If light is in your heart,you will find your way home”~Rumi

This Advanced course offers teachers an opportunity to deepen their practice and dharma.It opens up the inner workings of mudras,bandhas and asana in order for you to take your teaching and practice to a higher level.As your awareness deepens so does your connection to yourself. Building on inner light, healing practices,microcosm & macrocosm….

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training