Learn from the comfort of your own space, at your own pace, with a beautiful immersion of only 5 days. Be inspired to live your life with purpose. Have the courage to follow your heart with passion. Inspire others. Have the tools to teach yoga in a most authentic manner with your own unique voice, relying on your own inner wisdom. Unleash your greatest potential & live your most meaningful life!

At the heart of all of the One Yoga Trainings, is our desire to share the time-honored practices & philosophy of Yoga, Tantra, Vedanta. Knowledge which has been transformational to us along our path. Allowing you to embrace your life with more love and more meaning. To open doors of opportunity, giving way to finding more creativity, joy and passion in your life.

Drawing from traditional yoga philosophy and its living relationship with yoga asana and life, is a very unique feature of this training. Unveiling the complete scope of yoga, the One Yoga method seeks to merge yoga and life.

With decades of teaching experience to help you deepen your personal practice as well as develop your teaching skills, be a living inspiration and example to others seeking the same personal freedom and knowledge. This course integrates the wisdom of traditional yoga of Tantric & Vedanta roots with the insights of contemporary evolutionary spirituality.

This exciting new platform of online study allows you to learn at your own pace. Without the pressures of having to leave your life but rather study while integrating this understanding into your life. At the same time, we preserve the personalized aspect of our individualized relationship with each student by communicating often, either personally and/or in a group. This culminates for those wishing to receive a full 200hr TTC Certification, with a 5-night intensive immersion where we will have the opportunity to touch upon experiences which cannot be conveyed online as well as form a lasting bond and friendship. You will have a chance to convey your absorption of the many facets of the course as well as seek individual guidance. 

This creative synthesis is for the self-motivated yoga practitioner seeking to evolve and integrate the diversity of their life experience and delve into life’s great mysteries.

Some Highlights Of the Course

Our unique multi lineage program offers a dynamic and individualized approach to the art of living and embodying yoga through the framework of the Raja Yoga Structure.

 You will learn to balance and alter your perspective, your endocrine glands, your chakras and your hormones in order to experience a sense of wellness and inner peace.

Unlike most trainings, this is about you finding your unique expression as a teacher and  a liver of life. We explore the many streams of yoga understanding their origins rather than imposing what has worked well for some, upon you. We seek to be a grounding force for teachers to develop a body of integrated knowledge, while inspiring freedom for each individual to follow their path

-You will receive detailed insight into a vast array of basic yoga postures along with an in depth understanding of good alignment, benefits, contraindications, hands-on-adjustments. You will feel confident in offering a full yoga class as well as have a working understanding of topics not limited to the below curriculum.

-You will learn to draw on their own practice, intuition, discipline, and increased awareness, to impart the yoga experience to others and continue to be your own best guide and teacher.

-You will be more calm, centered, inspired, empowered and able to skillfully guide others into this sacred landscape of their bodies, minds and hearts.

-Teach powerful, uplifting and healing classes. 

-Learn the time-honored practices of Tantra & Raja yoga. A highly powerful and insightful understanding of the roots of modern yoga, which will rewire your body, help you connect to your peaceful mind and awaken your soul.  

Another unique feature of this training is a lifelong personalized mentoring offered by Samantha, to those who wish to receive guidance after the completion of the course.

A bit About Samantha, Founder of One Yoga Academy 

Samantha has practiced yoga & meditation for over 25 years. She has led workshops, trainings and retreats internationally. Her philosophy classes are captivating and and fascinating. She skillfully simplifies complex subjects teaching them in a down to earth manner.

She is a working artist & mother of four children. This course was born out of her continued passion and journey. She is a Spiritual Catalyst she helps awaken gifts, clear blocks and personal limits and awaken us to our highest possibility 

Founder of One Yoga, dedicated to encouraging people to love more deeply and live more fully, through an array of internationally certified courses

Ancient wisdom provides the framework allowing us to tap into the power of love that regenerates, heals and transforms. Uncovering and aligning each person with their own dharma is a passion. Everything I do is created to ignite our deepest knowing. Celebrating the renewable abundance of nature and its profound effect on our own body -mind –spirit.  In cultivating awareness, a more enlightened understanding of the Self blossoms.  Delving deep into the waters of Vedanta, Tantra, Sound healing and Shamanic rituals, weaving my way through yoga’s highly evolved techniques, creating an inner shift towards love and higher frequencies, freedom and creativity flow. Sharing the transformative power of yoga is my offering to you both on and off the mat.

 “Initiation into yoga & healing arts were first taught to me by my mother. The grace of Shakti and my female lineage have enabled me to embrace my earthly experiences, my primary devotion as a mother, and exploration of my own evolving journey.

 Over twenty years of dedicated discipleship & passion, I try to bring this wisdom into my life and into my teachings.”

With the breath as a portal, body and mind simultaneously unite with the dance of spirit. Shedding the fatigue caused by effort. Giving into deep inner synchronicity and existing effortlessly in the moment. An alchemy of the elements transforms stiffness into fluidity, density is replaced with shimmering energy. The landscape of the body is refined, liberated and illuminated from within. Awareness of the self effortlessly melts into peace, revealing our pulsing luminosity and ultimate oneness.


Why you will love this training

This adventure will allow you to step into a supported space of self-discovery and you will find yourself feeling empowered to express your true inner voice. You will find yourself with the necessary skills and techniques to continue to inspire and develop your body, mind and soul on your own long after the course is over.

Expect to be skillfully guided into an immersion of authentic yoga. An inspiring virtual platform of videos, reflective questions, a global community of like-minded friends .…a unique blend of ancient wisdom, deeply transformational :enabling you to develop a strong personal practice of asana and meditation in their various forms, enjoy experiences which promote awareness, love, and compassion.

Some of the essential aspects which will flourish in you:

An Expanded sense self.

Awareness of the luminosity of who we truly are.

A deepening of knowledge of all eight limbs of yoga.

 Learning to live with the fluctuations of life in a more peaceful way.

Through direct experience, the ability to bring the ancient knowledge of yoga into the light of your present day.
Be Encouraged to formulate your own yogic practice and spiritual lifestyle.

 Connect with your unique voice as a teacher.

Be familiar with the principles of teaching yoga.

Embrace your passion and find your purpose

Discover new realms beyond our limiting sense of self and find a love and joy never felt before.

Establish a powerful personal practice

Learn to sequence a great class

Have your students rave about your classes

Establish rapport with your students

Enjoy teaching and watch your students blossom

Change people’s lives for the better

Release blocked energy to allow for healing

Learn to move through difficult emotional states quickly

Develop strength and flexibility of body and mind

And much more….

VIDEO of ttc

Further details

This program is an incredibly transformational experience and is open to everyone with the desire and the dedication to learn…

Your development and understanding will be carefully monitored and your individual expression will be encouraged.

How it works

This course of 48 videos, reflective questions, 10 hours of live group or private skype calls. Your course can be done at your own time. It does not expire.

The 6-day residential certification will happen in 2020 in TBA. You must register by March 2020.

Throughout the course, you will be guided organically into a lifestyle which incorporates a healthy balanced sadhana of asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophy, interwoven into the fabric of your daily living so that it becomes a natural effortless integration.

The homework will be thought provoking, reflective and sometimes action-based.

Whether your goal is to become a teacher, develop your own personal practice, becoming a mentor or life coach, refining your comprehensive knowledge,-this teacher training course will provide you with the tools needed to develop a strong, self empowered, educator, guide and leader, So you can, safely, skillfully, help this world, yourself and others in confidence.


Our beautiful and inspiring videos of Asana & Philosophy can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. The topics covered complete and go well beyond the scope of the requirements of the Canadian Yoga Alliance.

Each video is filmed in an inspiring and new location with explanations and instructions which are clear and thought provoking. Each philosophy discourse, related to topics in our chosen books, will be accompanied by a sister video highlighting many of the topics on a physical level. Preserving the unity Yoga in everything.

You will receive some relevant information as well as images, readings and reflective assignments to accompany each module via email.

You will have the opportunity to speak to Samantha privately or with a group of fellow students a minimum of 8 times for 1h.

-An opportunity to learn to film your own high quality yoga video

-A 5 night immersion at one of our beautiful global ashram-like lodgings. Here we will compete the experiences that can best be done in person as well as follow through the required aspects which must be well understood. (Everyone will receive a certificate but only those who attend the retreat and pass the exam will be fully certified.)

The 6 day residential certification will happen in 2020 in Dubai. You must register by March 2020.

Our Curriculum

 (The Syllabus follows the Raja Yoga Structure of blossoming into the light)

 A distillation of years of study and a lifetime practice has molded our approach to living yoga. Resulted in an intelligent, fluid and transformational methodology.

Some of the topics covered are:

Phase One: In the introductory module, we will delve into the vast philosophy of yoga, stemming from its roots and its traditions. We formulate an understanding of its evolution through time and its relevance today. We will learn to place ourselves within this universe of new concepts and ideas

Roots Module–  “who am I”. What are the origins of yoga? What are the main texts? What is the main message of yoga? What are the various streams of modern yoga & how can we link them back to the source? What are the mamas and niyamas and how do they exist in your life now? How can they be a living / working template for your continued growth, healing and evolution? How to establish a personal sadhana. How to begin the process of correct seeing. Techniques & Practice- This is an exploration behind the practices. Discovering the roots of techniques and various methods employed by the various schools. An in-depth perspective on the origins of modern yoga and how all yogas lead to an original source. What is that source and why is it relevant today. How can a student of modern yoga stay intimately connected to the lineage while simultaneously using a palette of techniques. Raja Yoga and the 8 limbs of understanding as a fluid and integrated awareness.

Subtle Body– Basic understanding of “what am i”. Looking at the finer aspects of the self. Including the Koshas, the gunas, the vayu, the chakras, Atman & Brahma, Nadis, how these relate to our understanding of ourselves.

Physical Body Systems & Anatomyhow the subtle bodies relate to the physical body. The autonomic nervous system, the stress response, the mid-body-emotion- connection. How to navigate this in a proactive way both as a living being as well as a teacher. Anatomy and Physiology- The basis of our anatomical understanding will come from our Coultier book. You will be given a general overview of basic body mechanics while remaining aware of the more subtle bodies and how they interplay with the outer more physical level. Awareness of motion, lines of energy, direction of flow. Asana, Pranayama.

Locks & Leaving the SensesTraveling inwards. Pratyahara. The bandhas, mudras, mantra. What are they and why would they be effective in us finding more inner peace and joy. How to incorporate these into our teachings, our lives and our sadhana. Bandha, mudra.

Mind & I. Functions of mind. Planes of consciousness.

Silence, Sound & Meditation foundations. Mantra. Visualisation.

Tantra & Vedanta Philosophy as a lineage of consciousness and directly related to your life now.

The Art of Meditation. What is meditation? Why would anyone want to practice it? What is the mind? What are its benefits and what is its basic method? What is the result of a practice of meditation and what are some of the forms which have offered success timelessly? How to make this a part of everyday living in a non-rigid fashion? What is the history and the methodology of meditation as it is related to the matrix of mind & body, consciousness & sub consciousness?

Teaching Methodology. What does it mean to teach? Who am I? Who is the other? What does “teaching” yoga actually mean? Which aspects are we trying to impart? How can we effectively transmit this core idea through a 90 minute class? How to put together a unique class and workshop with a unique take home memory. How to preserve the essence of yoga in all of your choices. These are among the topics.

Art of Adjustment. Who is adjusting and why? These initial reflective questions are a necessary component prior to being able to adjust in an effective life blossoming manner. These arts understood in this manner are the key principles which allow us to remain connected to the spirit of yoga. Interweaving the mind, body & soul. When this lineage is established there is a powerful source-stream-consciousness-understanding which we become part of. Understanding energy lines, the direction of flow, moving principles as well and as pets of touch are important components to this idea. An adjustment is based upon which factors since all physical capacities vary. How to choose which parts of the body can be eased and which parts should be left. Using the breath as a portal, understanding the effects of a posture is crucial to these on the spot decisions needed for a teacher as well as for your own personal practice. In order to be able to receive or allow the maximum benefit of each posture, we must be familiar with the interplay of the subtle and the physical body as well as the technology inherent in each asana.

The Art of Alignment. What does alignment mean on an inner perspective manifesting in the physical positioning of the body. What does “proper” alignment mean and how to use your acquired skills to get the most out of a posture without being rigid.

Art of Observation. Having a deep understanding of the effects of a posture and the loops, lines and direction of energy flow within a certain asana, as well as a general sense of the interconnectedness between the mind and body allows you to make effective and corrective observations. Once an observation is made, how then do we act and why? Which tips will allow for a better embodiment of the asana and which tips will bring someone away from the essence of yoga.

-The body as a vehicle for divine expression through asana.

-Establish a long-term effective Sadhana

-Rituals. what is a ritual. How is it an effective method of transmuting your space, energy and physicality. How to practice and create your own personal rituals.

-Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers

-Practicum (Teaching Practice)

-Mindful sequencing. How to lesson plan, principles of demonstration, observation, assisting.

-Use of voice, music, incense, presentation skills

-Deep relaxation/Meditation/Yoga Nidra

-8 Limbs of the Raja Yoga system & how they relate to your life.

-The Tantric theory of Creation

-Bhakti Yoga/Kirtan

-Karma Yoga & the spirit of service in daily life

Phase Two: After an exploration of Phase One, students will have a more clear understanding of their own personal journey and the foundations of traditional yoga. We will explore with more depth, awareness, and intuition the traditional concepts that will enable our own expansion of consciousness. Along with learning the basics of teaching, we will develop tools to deal with internal and external obstacles towards living a happier, more fulfilled life for ourselves and others.

This phase will include practical teaching experience. This phase will build upon the physical foundation to move deeper into the fusion of body-mind-spirit. Essay questions and practical experiments are met with formal written feedback. The practical teaching experience is fully examined by the teacher, taking the whole course into consideration.

Students will spend at least 70 hours in self-study to complete the 200-hour TTC. This will include the following:

  • Writing essays (10–20 hours)
  • Teaching 10 yoga sessions (including the preparation for these sessions: average 10 hours per session and 20 hours’ preparation)
  • Readings (20–30 hours)
  • Keeping a diary where you record your insights (one hour per week average)
  • The One Yoga method yoga is more than a profession; it is something that you believe is important and that you love. Life is too short to not do what you love. So, while the number of non-contact hours listed is sufficient, many of you will find yourselves doing more.

Why You will Love this training

 This self-paced individualized course will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the lifestyle and practices of authentic yoga.It will allow you to connect with your innermost Self and begin to heal and clear naturally. It will help you tap into your own inner knowing and intuition, as well as provide you with a reliable methodology to use well beyond the timing of the course for your continued self-development and spiritual integration. Unleashing your greatest potential.

Required Reading

Reading yoga books is different from reading other books. The goal is to internalize the knowledge. Listen to what the readings are trying to say. Think about what experiences you may have had that might confirm what the readings are about. Give yourself time to reflect on the information offered in the readings. Take your time and get into a kind of conversation with them. This means reading a few pages slowly. Ask questions of the book. Contemplate what you have learned, and only then move on. You needn’t always read the book from cover to cover, and you can come back to it.

Coultier HD (2001). Anatomy of Hatha Yoga. Body and Breath Inc; Marlboro, VT. ISBN 097070061X

Johari H (2000). Chakras: Energy Centers for Transformation. Destiny Books; Rochester, VT. ISBN: 978-089281760-3

Iyengar BKS (1965). Light on Yoga. Harper Collins; London. ISBN: 0-00-710700-S

Nesse M and Young E (2000). “Evolutionary Origins and Functions of the Stress Response.” Encyclopedia of Stress, volume 2. Available for free viewing here: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~nesse/Articles/Stress&Evolution-2000.PDF

Parthasarathy A (1978). The Eternities: Vedanta Treatise. Stratford Library. ISBN-10: 818711178X

Swami Vivekananda (1956). Raja Yoga. Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Centre; New York. ISBN: 978-0911206234

Additional Reading (for students wishing to delve deeper)

Eliade M (1969). Yoga: Immortality and Freedom. Translated from French by Willard R. Trask. Princeton: Princeton University Press. ISBN: 9780691142036

De Luca D (ed) (2003). Pathways to Joy: The Master Vivekananda on the Four Yoga Paths to God. Novato, California: New World Library. ISBN: 978-1-930722-67-5

Fowler, JD (2012). The Bhagavad Gita: A Text and Commentary for Students. Eastbourne: Sussex Academy Press, ISBN978-1-84519-520-5. The Bhagavad Gita is also available for free on the www here: http://www.bhagavad-gita.org/Gita/chapter-01.html

Parker S (2009). The Concise Human Body Book. DK; London and New York. ISBN: 978 1 4053 40410 (or other basic human anatomy book)

Swami Prabhavananda (2002). Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Sri Ramakrishna Math, Madras; India. ISBN: 81-7120-221-7. The Patanjali Yoga Sutras are also available for free on the www at: http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/yogasutr.htm and here: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/2526.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati (1998). Yoga Nidra. Thompson Press Ltd.; New Delhi, India. ISBN: 978-81-85787-12-1

Gharote ML and Ganguly SK (1988). Teaching Methods for Yogic Practices. Kaivalyadhama; Pune, India. ISBN: 8189485245

Responsibility of the Student

Becoming a yoga teacher or serious practitioner requires daily practice and study. Students are expected to do their best throughout the course—no more and no less.

Following the traditional Guru-shishya paramparya. An atmosphere of trust and sharing between teacher and fellow students is required to transfer the ancient wisdom of yoga to new generations. Parampara means an uninterrupted tradition and is sometimes referred to as the “golden chain” linking past with current teachers.


You will be asked to complete two 1000-word essays during the course of your training. Two of the topics will be chosen according to the needs of the group. A third questionnaire will involve you writing a summary of the feedback you have received for your 10 required classes (see below), identifying your strengths, where you require further training, and how you propose to go about getting that training.

You will also be required to teach 10 sessions to friends or family, and ask for their feedback (see feedback form).

You will be asked to prepare one class.  The first one is presented in Phase 1.This serves as a base for us to get to know each other. You will receive extensive formal feedback. Your second presentation will be presented on our retreat time together for evaluation and feedback.

Grading/Course Policy

We will provide constructive ‘formative’ feedback. There will be no grades assigned.

Course Honesty Policy

Students must be honest and forthright in their academic studies. To falsify the results of one’s research, to steal the words or ideas of another, to cheat on an assignment, or to allow or assist another to commit these acts corrupts the educational process, is academically unacceptable, and violates the yogic moral code (yama).

Study Help

The main criteria for success is a desire to learn and accept that all you can do is your best. If you have any questions at all, please raise them with the teacher, either during class or via email or telephone.

Virtual Forum

This is an online group chat room, specifically designed for students to discuss, with teachers and each other, thoughts and comments regarding their experiences, questions, and ideas.

Certificate will be granted upon successful completion of the course. Refunds are unavailable.

details of skills covered for your certification will be sent with registration

Cost– 801$ (excluding the 6 day certification program).


 1h Skype call and homework with suggested answers. Not corrected & returned to you.)

Full Course including Certification cost Total 1997$


-Full course (801$ value)

-Certification where earned.

-Full room and board of 6 days

-Airport pick up & drop off

-Registration with the Canadian Yoga Alliance. 1997$

500 Hour Course

Entrance interview required. (Our unique approach to Yoga Teaching requires dedication and perseverance and a mutual connection between teacher/student.)

-The course will run 9 consecutive weeks.

 -Every Friday and Saturday from 9 am-3pm

-3 times you will be invited to sleep on Friday nite for our extend class experience.

You will have unlimited access to your teacher during this time …(and forever after!) 

As is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm, As is the atom, so is the universe, As is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind.

— Deepak Chopra

Be your own best teacher. 

Svadharma~your dharma. Our Advanced trainings are designed to build upon the lessons taught at the 200-hour level and provide you with clarity and insight into aligning your life to your Dharma. This can unfold as a yoga teacher, providing you with a clear path to tap into the unlimited abundance of creativity, uniqueness and joy in teaching. It can also unfold within whatever external structure you find yourself a part of and allow you to flourish, grow and be inspirational. Yoga philosophy is alive both on and off the mat. That is the basis for our courses flowing over time. This allows you to integrate and absorb the teachings in a meaningful way into your life on and off the mat.

(Please read the syllabus for the 200 hour course carefully)

This course is designed to bring you as close to living a life you love. It is not always apparent which desires we should let go of and which ones we should follow. How to tell the difference? What is the meaning of the energy of desires within yoga philosophy? Why is it crucial that we understand and see clearly according to the ancient Rishis? What is the reason for the philosophy of yoga? How can we keep this present within the movements of the body? Through the deep waters of Vedanta and Tantra philosophy we will discuss, explore and have enough time to embrace and understand the inner workings of our life. The unseen active forces of the mind and of the universe will be unveiled in detail to give you more ease in making decisions and following your heart.

Not only will your teaching skills take a turn to much more creativity and possibility, but your personal life, your happiness and your ability to love, to forgive, to be compassionate and to live life to its fullest will align themselves through these ancient truths. 

Combined techniques vary and blossom into a multi-lineage approach. Our aim is to release stagnant dogmas and give way to individuality and a deep sense of inner freedom and this can be best achieved by being open to individual cellular formations. After all, ALL yoga styles lead back to one place!

This course respects the standards and subject matter geared towards the five main educational categories as laid out by the Canadian Yoga Alliance:

 Techniques, Training and Practice

 Teaching Methodology

Anatomy and Physiology

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers

Practicum (Teaching Practice)

We prepare you to teach principles and techniques of yoga that are more advanced, more detailed, and on a more subtle level; and enable you to teach with greater skill than could reasonably be expected of a RYT 200.

Learning is based on the time-line of the Raja Yoga Structure. This advanced course is shaped by a mandala of which YOU are the center. The periphery contains all of the facets of your life. The ultimate goal is union and alignment, with you and all the aspects of your life. That is the true Yoga. This is possible with consistent practices and a deep understanding of the inner functioning of body & mind and a clear understanding of our place in the universe.

Our Modular Curriculum shall deepen the aspects of (not necessarily in this order and not limited to….)

1.Roots Module. In this module we will discuss the origins of modern yoga streams. A  multi-lineage understanding of how each stream arose from the source. A way to allow each student to feel and find their way within the labyrinth of complicated modern versions with an aim to opening them up to what resonates most deeply with them now and why.  Ideas of Tantra and its basic relevance and importance. Modern concepts of why yoga is important today. Which ideas from the Rishis transcend time and manifest in your life today?

We will review the Yamas and Niyamas in detail following the One Yoga Mandala of Self. This methodology opens us up to a deep sense of self awareness from a yoga perspective and is essential to begin our journey of fine tuning our destiny and self inquiry. The first step we take together to align to the deepest part of our self. This practice gives us an opportunity to take a look at our life, our relationships , our patterns, our careers, our free time etc with honest eyes, with compassion and truth.

2.Subtle body & Chakras. Basics of practicing Kundalini Yoga. The tantric concepts of desires and examples of living through the chakras. As observation and as awareness. How this new skill can translate in a helpful way as a teacher.  How desires are viewed in yogic philosophy. How to tell the difference between the desires which are fleeting and those you were born to follow. Start to identify our own desires. The source of our desires.

3.Body Systems and Essentials of Yogic Anatomy. How to apply the principles of yoga philosophy and the subtle body to enhance your skills of observation, adjustments, alignment and the basic principles of movement. How the subtle body translates in to physical alignment. Highlighting the art of movement from within, a technique to take your practice and teaching to limitless possibilities. How to teach in a way which is expansive and free and unbound by dogmas and other peoples ideas while always staying true to the source. How to find your own freedom of movement and teaching. Learn essential skills of independent study and individualism. The Art of Adjustment, Art of Observation and the Art of Inner Movement will be fine tuned and amplified as a way to lift your practice and teaching to higher levels of awareness.

4.Rasas,Tantra,Ritual. Deeper into ideas of karma, death and reincarnation. How that matters to us on a daily basis. How this understanding can bring us closer to taking more control of our loves and live in a more bountiful and compassionate way. Seeing and overcoming aparant chaos through the lens of Karma and the Gunas. What do these concepts mean to us in our daily life? How does their awareness lead us to suffer less?

5.Bandhas. How to teach and use Bandhas in your practice, and in your teaching. Their place in yoga philosophy and in your life.

6.The Mind & I. Consciousness and the four functions of the mind. How to identify them and use them to your advantage. Mantra meditation and its logic.

7.Silence,Naada Yoga. The healing power o found and its effect on the subtle body. The full meaning of Om and the states of consciousness. How this awareness translates to you living a more clear and balanced existence. How to use singing bowls as an integral part of your teaching. The science behind sound as vibration. Learn the art of deep relaxation and Yoga Nidra, the meditative heart of yoga.

8.Teaching Methodology

Our Extendo Nights together (dates below) will provide you with the opportunity to establish a lifelong understanding of elements of a personal sadhana and the importance of ritual. Spending more time together will blend energies and allow for the teachings to guide you more intuitively on your own path. This is an essential way for you to personally connect with your teacher.

Asana, movement from within. All modules contain morning advanced Asana Lab which is one of the most difficult aspects to embody. We do not rank yoga asana according to levels of difficulty. What we expect is that the entire philosophy be expressed within the physical body. This concept serves to take your own physical understanding to higher frequencies as well as elevate your teaching skills and make you a better yoga teacher and healer.

This method allows you to see beyond the physicality of the body and work as alchemy with the forces within and beyond.

Theory from lectures is lifted from the manuals and deeply embedded into your body and mind through hands on project based learning.

Leave Your Mat, Love Your Life. Together, we will explore what it is that you need in order to make yoga something that helps transform lives and communities. 

Build on techniques designed to link your mat with your life.

You will have the opportunity create a meaningful workshop and to tailor make classes for specific topics. Learn to put together your own yoga retreat. You will be asked to get started on an individual or group Karma Yoga project. Integrate yoga into your daily life both in and off your mat. This course will require one 2000 word essay and two 500 word essays. Several thoughtful questionnaires. You will be asked to keep a journal and have a steady Sadhana.

In addition to the modules will be the following:

  • Assistant teaching
  • An Karma yoga project to plan and organize
  • Ongoing Teaching demonstrations
  • learning to plan a meaningful workshop
  • One-on-one coaching

On the nights we sleep there your hotel room (based on twin sharing) full board with delicious vegetarian food will be included.

Full course price (including Overnite (Optional) Stay) 2,500$

Whats not included

Books (The booklist from the 200 hour course can be copied and you will be given photocopies along the way).